Published on 07 Dec 2023

Planetary Annihilation PC Game Download

Planetary Annihilation PC Game is a 2014 real-time strategy video game. Uber Entertainment originally developed this game, whose staff with few game industry veterans. They worked on Supreme Commander and also on Total Annihilation. A stand-alone expansion of the Planetary Annihilation: Titans game was released in 2015.

Planetary Annihilation PC Game Download


In the interview with PC Gamer & Joystiq, a Major game developer known as Jon Mavor commented. That game’s complexity & playtime can vary, from 1/2hour. Here 2-player battles can be lengthy matches along with potentially forty players. However, at the release of forty-player matches that weren’t yet available. This game also features a map system based on planets with different types of asteroids and planets like moons. Here players would be able to win other planets & even whole systems on maps. That said to include “100 of worlds”, throughout the Galactic War.

Those planets are dynamic in which they can be ‘obliterated’ utilizing different planets or impetuses. Also, a significant concentration for Uber Entertainment. This game’s makers expressed that the game Planetary Annihilation will take after something of the year 1997. That continuous procedure Total Annihilation game as its center is more towards ‘full scale’ ongoing interaction instead of ‘miniature’ interactivity. Being developed updates, Mavor has remarked that “1,000,000” in-game units is a plan objective of the improvement team. The player loses when their last leader is annihilated.

Game Review

In single-player Conquest mode, games technologies must need to be unlocked from a mission to the next. I found that picking up between vehicle factory & bot factory. Its simply reminds that there is little difference in between two.

As I managed Conquest mode for subsequent time. I picked various innovations however wound up falling into similar examples. For instance, The PA people group talks about the third asset, close by reaped energy & metal – that asset is a consideration. I can see the worth in perceiving with its numerous front lines. Also different techniques for assault, and weak Chess-King Commander. There PA trains players to move their look and exertion starting with one spot then onto the next, rapidly and easily. I’ve gotten acclimated with that and I would love to attempt some 2v2 multiplayer fights. Since I think this game sparkles with agreeable play when consideration can be isolated. After that, plans can turn out to be more versatile and complex.

In addition, It is an improved variant of the game be that as it may, in singleplayer & in 1vs1. It holds a similar inflexibility as the first delivery. The account of Conquest mode is of a few AI officers waking to discover their makers gone. They concede to battle, without reason or reason. As I began a new in each new framework, lining a similar form order and also coordinating similar base formats. However, I understood the construction of the game totally mirrored the story. The Planetary Annihilation’s vision of things to come of war is a finger, tapping on form line.

Planetary Annihilation PC Game Minimum System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 64 bit
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 2.4GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5200+
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT / AMD Radeon HD 3650
Direct X: Dx 9
Free Disk Space: 2 GB

Planetary Annihilation PC Game
Size: 1.9 GB

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