Published on 13 Dec 2023

Metal Slug Defense PC Game Download Latest Version

Metal Slug Defense PC Game is a popular tower defense video game. The game developed by SNK Playmore for Windows, Android, and iOS mobile devices. This is a sequel of the game, titled Metal Slug Attack, it was released in February 2016.

Metal Slug Defense PC Game Download Latest Version


Metal Slug Defense gameplay is a 1vs1 strategy and tower defense game. There have two “sites” on the side of the stage players are spawned at that unit. The main objective and goal of this game is to defend and destroy opposite sites player by any means.

When the game begins as well as forces also begin accruing “AP”. That is used for producing units are automatically advance for the enemy site. This unit can assault enemies and construct the objects that impede the enemies. Also, support the allied units, or generate additional units. Paying with Rumi Aikawa here a certain number of AP will be improving the rate. AP builds the maximum AP, it can be obtained at once.

In the game, most units have a standard attack & also a special attack. While the units are within the range of the enemy unit or the structure, that will begin the standard attack. Then a prescheduled length of time, special attack in the game will be available. That will be indicated by the blue light “aura” surrounding the unit. Tapping on the unit will activate the special attack, can be used instantly. Now after finishing this special attack, your unit will continue with the standard attack until this special attack charged again. The maximum number of ten units here can be in the deck in the fight.

After an adequate timeframe, a “Metal Slug Attack” will be made accessible. Actuating this will send a quick-moving barreling Metal Slug toward the rival side, detonating on sway. Metal Slug Attack will run over any light infantry, however, will detonate subsequent to running more than ten units in succession. The MSA will likewise detonate on sway with any “heavier” infantry or vehicles.


In this game, 2 currencies are available known as Metal Slug Points and Medals. Metal Slug Points short form familiar MSP which won by completing stages. And also it can be used for increasing unit health or improving base qualities. You can use REWARD-UPs prior for starting a stage. That will help you to increase your MSP earnings by about 50%, even after you lose. A premium currency known as Medals, those are used for purchasing tools. You can also swap this currency to MSP or can purchase units. In addition, players get the option for buying Medals. All these options are available in this video game.

Similar to all Metal Slug video games, you can find POWs for free. Also, get rewarded with certain benefits. Free one POW for a stage in the location usually activates special ability. Which improves the player’s fighting capabilities, as like reducing cooldown time for the units to be produced. Similarly also increasing MSP earning by completing a stage. With every subsequent POW rescued by adding greater benefits.

EMERGENCY stages will befall at a certain period of day time. Which appear as the red locations rather than blue. Those stages will be accessible for a 1-hour time frame, after that they disappear.

Metal Slug Defense PC Game Minimum System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Intel Core i5 2300 and up
GPU: Intel HD Graphics
Direct X: Dx 10
Free Disk Space: 500 MB

Metal Slug Defense PC Game

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