Published on 22 Feb 2023

Far Cry New Dawn PC Game Download

Far Cry New Dawn PC Game is a first-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal & published by Ubisoft. This game is a spin-off from the Far Cry game series and also a narrative sequel of Far Cry 5 PC Game. Similarly, it features several pre-existing elements from the game series. Such as capturing outposts, a large open world, and co-op companions or AI.

The game also introduces many elements from the gameplay of the RPG game. Which including an upgradeable base for home and increased reliance by crafting from the limited supplies. The game story is set 17 years after all events of the Far Cry 5. The nuclear exchange is familiar as “the Collapse” that devastated the world. And survivors endeavor to rebuild the association in Hope County.

This is a first-person shooter action-adventure game. This is similar to predecessors that set in the environment of an open world. Which you can explore freely on your foot and via various vehicles. It is set in the imaginary Hope County, Montana & uses a reimagined game version of the previous map of Far Cry 5. The nuclear war represented in the Far Cry 5 game has reformed the landscape. That’s why new areas become available for you to explore while other payers are inaccessible.


The game player feels the role of the new character, whose ethnicity and gender can be customized. Fangs for Hire and Guns for Hire systems have returned from Far Cry 5. In addition, the character capable to recruit human survivors & animals usable for combat assistance. Also, to the new characters, the video game’s cast added an array of characters returning from Far Cry 5. Your character can encounter several specialists. They have their special abilities, own personal missions, and story. Besides you can help players for repairing their weapons. In the game, new weapons have introduced, including “Saw Launcher” which ignites the blades of circular saws. The game players receive new attachments and weapons. That can be upgraded from 3 different levels between crafting & finishing missions. In addition, Vehicles are also can be crafted.

You can start on treasure hunts & liberate encampments and outposts of the different enemies. Once liberated, you become fast points of travel that enable you to quickly navigate this world. These outposts are possible to be occupied and can be used for manufacturing ethanol fuel. Also, possible to raided for resources that leave the outpost exposed to “escalation”. So from that may be reclaimed those camps by the Highwaymen. It allows you to replay the outposts with higher difficulty settings.

In this game, survivors are terrorized by the Highwaymen and a roving band of established bandits. There, Highwaymen are classified into chapters. Such as the local chapter which led by twin sisters Lou and Mickey. The Highwaymen threaten the landscape and forcing survivors for stripping communities. And also submission of resources before they moving on.

Far Cry New Dawn PC Game Minimum System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 64 bit
CPU: Intel Core i7-4770 3.4GHz / AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3.2GHz
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290X
Direct X: Dx 11
Free Disk Space: 30 GB

Far Cry New Dawn PC Game
Size: 34 GB

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