Published on 16 May 2021

Ballance PC Game Download Full Version

Ballance PC Game is a puzzle 3D video game for Windows. German studio Cyparade developed this game and it was published by Atari. The game first released on 2nd April 2004 in Europe. Its gameplay is similar as Marble Madness: player controls a balancing ball via mouse & keyboard. Where moving it along with a course while they are trying not to fall off-screen.

Ballance PC Game Download

In this game, players can change a ball’s material with the special transformers throughout this game’s 13 levels. It can be transformed into a stone, wood, or paper ball.

This wooden ball is stable & can be using for several puzzles for the game. Players initially launch into & leave all the levels with the wooden ball.


In the game, the stone ball is really heavy, and also possibly accidentally rolled off the edge very easily. After that, this ball can be easily pushed down to the boxes and bridges. This gam used Virtools engine. Furthermore, rolling stone balls through the bridge made of some planks will make this bridge collapse.

Here, the paper ball is much lighter. Its surface isn’t smooth, unlike the wooden & stone balls. So its movement slightly variable. In addition, a paper ball could be blown into the air by the ventilators and also can roll up to the steep hills easily.

There 2 power-ups are available. So, of the ball rolling into them then they provide either extra points or extra ball. Also, the checkpoints are scattered across the levels so that if players fall off course. Then they only get to restart this game from the final checkpoint reached.

The game has 12 different levels. The player navigates a ball along with a path then each level becomes much difficult than the last level. On occasion, players need to push the other balls down to the holes. Or to continue rolling onto rails along the path. Here, each level needs the player for completing physical challenges. That often gets more than 1 puzzle to solve. Side-rail introduced in level three. Where the player’s ball requires to roll on the side along with 2 rails that are aligned vertically 1 above the other. Level 12, a player needs to balance the ball on the mono-rail of the center, what composed of only 1 rail.

Ballance PC Game Minimum System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / Xp 32 bit
CPU: Intel I3 2GHz
Video Card: Built-in Graphics
Direct X: Dx 10
Free Disk Space: 500 MB

Ballance PC Game
Size: 68 MB

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